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4 Key Elements to Set Up Your Day for Intuitive Success My Own Morning Ritual

4 Key Elements to Set Up Your Day for Intuitive Success My Own Morning Ritual.

This blog posting talks about the importance of creating a morning ritual to center yourself. I especially love the idea of keeping a gratitude journal. Thank you to Christina Ambubuyog for this post!


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What is mindfulness? Mindfulness means to look at the world around you with appreciation and gratitude.  It is simple.  It is living with the knowledge that you are a part of something bigger, something mysterious, and something beautiful.  I am just beginning to understand what mindfulness means within my life.  For me, it is slowing down and taking my time so I don’t miss out on the beautiful details.

Task: Take a mindful walk

-Go for a walk and try to really see the world around you.

-You don’t need a destination, it’s about taking a journey.

-Try and take notice of things you usually might just walk by.

-While doing this be aware of your breathing, relaxed breathing is slow and steady.  It makes the lowest part of your belly gently rise and fall.

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Hello and Welcome to Exhale to Health!

Hello! My name is Carly Scheinbaum and I am a first year masters student studying mind-body medicine at Saybrook University .  This blog will be a place to pass on the knowledge I am currently gaining from my studies under some of the foremost experts in this emerging field.  Mind-body medicine is a whole new way of looking at what encompasses healing.  In this new medicine, the mind and body are considered as one entity, with each affecting the other in myriad ways.  In short, while a pill may take away the negative symptoms of disease, it will not provide full healing unless the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of the patient is taken into consideration.  For my studies, I am exploring how nutrition, mindfulness based meditation, and physical activity can come together to provide full body healing.  I hope that you join me on this learning journey and always remember to inhale slowly and exhale your way to health. Thank you!